Volunteer Overview

Healing Hands Promise To Volunteers

Healing Hands Ministries promises to utilize a volunteers passions and strengths to help us provide hope for the spirit and hope for the body. We commit to provide training and clear expectations for the dignity and respect of our patients. Healing Hands Ministries also commits to offer an impactful experience for volunteers in a safe environment for fellowship and relationship building. We promise to respect volunteer expertise and prior experiences. We commit to developing trust-filled authentic relationships with each Healing Hands volunteer. We commit to joyfully stand with our volunteers as they live out their servant’s hearts.

Volunteer Guidelines

How To Become A Volunteer?
Attend an HHM tour

Have a follow-up conversation with our Volunteer Coordinator

Complete a volunteer application

Complete a confidentiality agreement

Background check completed

Attend a 1:1 training

Because we view all patients as God’s children, Healing Hands Ministries strives to provide compassionate, accessible, quality care to all of its neighbors

Hospitable, friendly, outgoing

Don’t rush asking for a profession of Faith

“Can I pray for you?”, not “Let’s pray”

Listen more; talk less

Do not ask for phone numbers for personal purposes

Do not give rides or money to anyone

Do not take pictures of patients or staff

Do not post on social media

Know when to consult with our Chaplin or our lead volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

Lunch Tour Ambassador

Host a lunch tour by inviting guests to a behind-the-scenes tour of who we serve, how we serve and why we serve.  During this one hour experience guests will receive a delicious lunch.

Grocery Shopping Guide

Grocery shopping is hard enough in a language, environment and culture that you’ve grown up in.  Imagine how difficult it is in an entirely new environment, culture, and in a language you’re still learning.  This is how many of our patients feel when trying to go to the grocery store and buy foods to create healthy balanced meals.  So we are inviting our trained volunteers to join our Healing Hands Ministries families in a guided grocery store trip.

Community Cafe Barista

On Tuesday and Thursday, we host an open café serving coffee and treats to HHM patients.  Our purpose is to create a welcoming space of encouragement and hope.  Community Café volunteers extend hospitality to our often overlooked and vulnerable community members.

Diaper Bag Blessing

This is a volunteer opportunity for an individual, group, or family! Provide a diaper bag for our new mothers in the Healing Hands Ministries Women’s Health Center. The items in need to a new mother are diaper cream, diapers, bottles, lotions, shampoos, baby blanket, sleepers, newborn clothes, socks, bibs, burp cloths, pacifiers, bottles, wipes, and anything else an individual or family desires to bless a new-mom with. You can make one or ten!

Healing Hands accepts all who would like to serve.  Contact Adrienne Logan AdrienneLogan@hhmtx.org to learn how you can help today!

 All volunteers must attend an orientation and pass a background check prior to serving.