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Celebrating 10 Years of Tablescapes!

THANK YOU to all who participated in the 10th Anniversary Tablescapes Event. To all the designers, attendees, and supporters from afar, we are so grateful for your trust and partnership for this event. The Tablescapes Luncheon lives on and we are honored to continue this legacy.

We are looking for 1000 Healing Hands Heroes to give $100 to help us prepare to respond, rebuild and recover as a health center and a community. Consider giving a gift to the critical need of accessible healthcare for every neighbor in every zip-code.

Healing Hands Ministries 13th Birthday!

Celebrating 13 years of serving our community! Every neighbor in every zip code.

The Rosewood Foundation Vision Center at Healing Hands Ministries

1 in 4 children have a vision problem affecting their ability to learn. 80% of what a child learns comes through their eyes. Vision is a crucial and easily taken-for-granted part of everyday life, but statistics like these show just how important accessible vision services truly are.

Coming in 2020, in partnership with the Rosewood Foundation, Healing Hands Ministries is proud to launch VISION SERVICES. Every neighbor in every zip code will be welcomed with access to a full time optometrist who will care for their vision needs. Children and adults will have the opportunity for early diagnosis and treatment of critical and treatable eye diseases. We are proud to add this important extension to the critical medical home Healing Hands Ministries provides for our community.