COVID-19 Updates:


In light of recent local Coronavirus updates: when possible, please limit the number of guests accompanying you to your clinic appointment.

Please CALL ahead if experiencing fever or signs & symptoms of lower respiratory illness (ex. cough, shortness of breath).


A la luz de las recientes actualizaciones locales de Coronavirus: cuando sea posible, favor de limitar el numero de personas que lo acompañan a su cita en la clínica.

Por favor LLAME con anticipación si usted tiene fiebre o signos y síntomas de enfermedad de las vías respiratorias inferiores (por ejemplo, tos, dificultad para respirar).

Greenville Family Practice: 214-221-0855
Vickery Family Practice: 214-379-4393
Women’s Health Center: 469-637-2777
Pediatric Health Center: 469-637-4204

HHM Emergency Preparedness is fully activated:

  • We have triage stations at every entry point with thermometer scans for every person entering the building.
  • We have hand sanitizing at every entry point, quarantine rooms, and protective gear for staff.
  • We have telehealth visits for patients with COVID-19 symptoms and telehealth visits for our family practice. Our OB and Pediatric health centers continue to see in person visits to provide critical services for healthy moms and babies.
  • We’ve suspended community café, staff break rooms are devoid of coffee pots and drinks, and our shared medical appointments have also been suspended.
  • All staff completed mandatory hand washing and airborne precaution training.
  • We deep clean our facilities on the weekend and every surface in a patient room is disinfected between visits.

Two additional virus limiting steps were taken March 16th

  • We have closed our dental clinic for a minimum of two weeks. Dentist work in salvia and this was too great of a risk for our staff and patients. All 7 dental staff members are still working full time on our “crisis call team”. The closing of our dental clinic for four weeks is a minimum loss of 400 patients and $24,000 in revenue. (We’ve also temporarily suspended our vision clinic.)
  • We formed a crisis call team. This call team is designed to ensure EVERY patient that calls gets a live person. Our call volume has significantly increased due to patients concerns and requests for appointment cancellations.
    • Call center team answered 8,650 calls in the first week of Dallas shelter in place

COVID-19 Impact at HHM

  • We serve as a constant for care for every neighbor. Our enrollment offices still remain open. Healing Hands Ministries is acutely aware that while COVID-19 poses a serious threat to our community, our patients with diabetes, hypertension, prenatal care, asthma, mental health, and more still need a medical home. HHM will be a critical partner in rebuilding our community and ensuring neighbors can return to work healthy. We need supporters who will join us in making sure we continue in strength as a place of HOPE for the spirit and HEALTH for the body.
  • We’ve had a sharp increase in supply costs as we prepared our 2 health center sites with appropriate protective gear and equipment.
  • As of today, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in appointment cancellations throughout our organization. In our Pediatric Health Center, this is concerning for our young patients who desperately need to meet immunization schedules and ensure development milestones are being met. We also believe the mental health aspect of allaying parents’ fears is so important right now. Sadly, most parents are cancelling their well-baby check appts. Additionally, we are deeply concerned by this trend from a financial aspect.
  • At this time we do have limited testing available for our current HHM patients only.



Healing Hands Ministries health centers are open. We are following all COVID-19 precautions and CDC recommendations.

If you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath please contact us for a screening appointment at 214-221-0855. For more information, please click the links below.

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