Connect With Us

Why Donate To Healing Hands?

Healing Hands Ministries is a Medical Home serving every neighbor in every zip code. We do our best to keep the vision alive and growing, but we cannot do it alone. Few things have the power to change our world more than the act of giving. Every gift, large or small, provides an opportunity for you to touch the lives of underserved families. Give the gift of health today!

Lunch Tours

Join us for a delicious box lunch and a personal tour of our unique Medical Home! In one hour, you will be able to learn how we serve, who we serve and why we serve. Witness, first hand, the impact HHM is able to create with the help of generous donations and willing volunteers. Contact Adrienne Logan at for more information.

Partner With Us

We understand the social drivers of health are a critical piece to caring for the whole person, that is why we have partners that help us provide collaborative, effective and immediate care. If you think your clients could benefit from a primary medical provider offering trust and cultural competency, contact Jennifer Searles, CDO. Let’s start the conversation!

Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to partner with us at Healing Hands Ministries! It is because of your gifts of time and talent that we are able to serve thousands of our neighbors. You are key members of the HHM volunteer family of individuals, families, churches, community organizations, and corporations, ensuring that access to health care is provided to people in need.