Healing Hands Ministries


Ian Watson


“Volunteering at Healing Hands Ministries, a clinic for residents of Dallas County, I have grown my understanding of compassion and integrity.  I first came to this clinic seeking clinical exposure and have been rewarded with a real mentor and role model.  After seeing my consistency and trustworthiness, I was granted an exception in a clinic where volunteers do not usually shadow their physician, and was allowed into the examination room with a physician of Healing Hands. Over the last year and a half, I have been humbled by the selflessness and altruism exuded by her. She treats patients who the healthcare system would have otherwise forgotten about with the utmost professionalism and kindness.  When she is not training medical students as a volunteer professor, she is encouraging me to listen, touch, and ask questions in order to think like a physician. Because of her, I understand true compassion and integrity. Her honesty in delicate situations and her discipline to persevere through countless patient cases has created a real life example that I aspire to replicate as a hopeful medical student.”