Healing Hands Ministries

President & CEO

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

2014 was an exciting year for Healing Hands Ministries (HHM).  We were able to achieve more than we ever thought possible by making strategic decisions to improve our business model while continuing the commitment to provide dignified, quality care to our patients.

HHM prayerfully made the decision under the Board’s leadership to invest in human capital that could further our mission.  Assured that these individuals shared our core values and understood the heart of our mission, we hired our first Chief Financial Officer, Information Technology Manager, and Billing Verification Coordinator.  These key leaders allowed us to ensure our financial policies were in accordance with best practices, the ability to bill using our electronic medical record, and benefit from a leader who could manage our rapidly growing IT Network.  Upon realizing we also needed someone to head our quality management efforts,  HHM hired a Director of Quality Management to hold us accountable to the high standards we practice diligently.

Great work was done the first three quarters of the year to prepare us to add electronic dental records, which would provide a higher level of care and efficiency for our dental patients.  Our relationship with Texas A&M Baylor School of Dentistry grew, increasing our ability to see dental patients by 88 percent.

The clinic was flourishing, but there seemed to be something missing.  I began to understand that HHM could not realize its dreams of expanding our care and services to all medically underserved patients without a partner who would share the burden.  It would take a unique person— a physician leader with a God-given heart to serve all people, no matter how sick or vulnerable they were— to pave the way for a future that could include behavioral health, a pediatric service line, a women’s health program and who knows— possibly a program that would offer pregnant women prenatal care in a kind, compassionate way.  God burdened my heart and then did the miraculous, gifting me with my friend Dr. Chris Berry.

Dr. Berry and the HHM team share the same passion to serve by offering compassionate, dignified care to the most vulnerable.  The results of his joining the HHM family as medical director are best described through the eyes of our patients.  They are the ones who motivate our God-given passion to serve. They are the ones who encourage us to face the challenges of delivering health care when resources are few.  Patient Maria Quijada is but one example of the good work Healing Hands Ministries does every day.  As you read Maria’s story, I challenge you to think of a time when you really struggled and needed the help of another.

Imagine if you had no hope of receiving help. What if you had no hope of providing medical or dental care to a suffering member of your family? What if that family member was one of your children or your mother? The hopelessness you would feel would be relentless and heartbreaking.  You would move heaven and earth to help your family while making a personal sacrifice to forego your own health needs.  This happens every day in our city.

Help us change this reality.  Share your time, talent, and treasure with Healing Hands Ministries. Every dollar that is given to HHM is stewarded to provide lifesaving programs for children and their families.  You may personally contact me at jannagardner@hhmtx.org, and I would be happy to share with you how you can make a difference by investing in Healing Hands Ministries.  Please join us in carrying on the tradition of excellence by helping us to further our mission.  We would be happy to work in partnership with you to provide hope for the spirit and health for the body!

Warmest Regards,

Janna R. Gardner