Healing Hands Ministries

Chairman of the Board

Healing Hands Ministries Patients, Partners and Friends,
It is an honor and pleasure to serve as Board Chair for Healing Hands Ministries in 2015. Being a member of the Board since 2009 and serving on various committees, I’ve seen the ways God has continued to bless our clinic without reservation in many different areas. Some of those areas include our new facility, which we moved into during 2013, our ongoing partnership with senior level dental students at Baylor Texas A&M School of Dentistry, and all of our great staff led by Janna Gardner.

In terms of health care and dental care, I have a unique understanding of how it can affect a family as my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than a decade ago. The medications she has taken over the years would be unaffordable even with insurance if not for organizations similar to Healing Hands Ministries. Today, she is in good health working full-time and going to school part-time.

The year 2014 presented multiple challenges like the Ebola crisis and ever-changing health care laws such as the Affordable Care Act, but God brought us through them all.  These challenges instead became stories about the power of prayer and God’s everlasting faithfulness. I expect 2015 to be filled with similar stories despite whatever challenges may come our way as the Dallas area population continues to grow.

The message I have for you in 2015 is really just a two-word phrase: STAY TUNED. God continues to work in a mighty way within our clinic, and He has provided us with some awesome clinical and administrative staff to do His Will. My prayer is that you continue to participate with us in the process, whether it be through volunteer efforts, donations, or even just a THANK YOU to our staff and patients as you come in contact with them.

With Love,

Desmond Jackson