Healing Hands Ministries

Patient Story


Jul 14


EDHave you ever asked yourself what makes a place special? Healing Hands patient, Edward Duncan, has asked himself this and mulled over the answer. For him, a place needs to have “The It Factor” and from the moment he walked into Healing Hands Ministries, he knew they had “it.”

“I first started coming to Healing Hands after I woke up one morning in severe pain,” Duncan said. “After a trip to the emergency room and a stack of bills I couldn’t pay, a group that was helping me through the bills suggested I come to Healing Hands to manage my heart condition. Ever since then it’s become a lifestyle.”

As a life-long heart patient, Duncan knew from experience with doctors in the past that he’d found a truly unique medical home.

“All doctors want to heal you, but once you get past that point there’s got to be something else,” Duncan said. “Giving you a shot or giving you medicine is only step one of the process between a doctor and a nurse and a patient, it’s what comes after that’s more important. There is that undefinable “it” here.”

Duncan explains that there are four components of “The It Factor,” trust, caring, family and an unexplainable piece that is specific to each person.

“Everybody has an “it,” my “it” is going to be different than your “it.” It’s almost an animal instinct,” Duncan said. “My doctor will come up to me and give me a hug, she does this, not for the story, but she does it because that’s who she is. That’s the kind of place I want to go to, that’s the last part of “The It Factor” for me.”

“The It Factor” at Healing Hands is so strong for Duncan that he would, if he could, become a permanent patient of Healing Hands for the rest of his life.

“I don’t have any place else to go, I’m not a wealthy man, and I don’t have insurance. So, by circumstance, I come here,” Duncan said. “The key is, that if tomorrow I magically have money and insurance and they let still let me continue to come here, I would. That’s by choice not by circumstances.”