Healing Hands Ministries

Maria and Jonathan Cruz


This story is in Jonathan’s words. He expresses his feelings about Healing Hands Ministries while simultaneously translating for his Mother, Maria.

“We have been coming for here for three years. We have seen them in the old clinic and now this new one.  This one is really nice. It is much bigger.

“I like this place because we are able to come here and see the doctor. The doctors are very kind and talk to us.

“I come here for my shots and checkups to make sure I am healthy.  I want to be a soccer player when I grow up.  My dream is to play for FC Barcelona.  I want to enter a soccer academy, but we don’t have the money.  Healing Hands makes sure I am healthy so I can try to get a scholarship.

“It is important to us that the doctors speak Spanish, so we can communicate easily.  Sometimes I have to go with my mom places so I can translate.  It is nice that she can talk to the doctors herself and say what she needs to.

“We like this clinic best because they take care of you.  You don’t wait for hours and hours to have a ten-minute appointment.  The doctors spend time with you and they see you when they say they will.  They know us and I really like coming here and seeing them.  I am not afraid to come to the doctor.

“My mom says she feels bad because kids get sick and when they don’t have any insurance or anything, there is not much we can do.  But we can come here and get help.  If you need a doctor and you can’t afford it, this place will take care of you like they take care of us.

“This place is good.  We want to thank them for all the things they do for us.  It is a weight off our shoulders knowing they are always looking out for us.”