Healing Hands Ministries

Macias Family


The following story was provided by M. Lourdes Macias. She is accompanied by her husband and son. 

“Healing Hands is a clinic that helps the Hispanic community.  Most of all, Hispanics really need the help that this clinic provides.  Sometimes, just like others, we don’t have insurance.  We really appreciate the help.  The clinic has the ability to meet all our needs.  Being uninsured, we don’t have the ability to get or receive medication and keep the costs from being too expensive.

“The difference between a private care office and Healing Hands is that at a private care office you have to pay a copay, and then you have to also pay for your medication.  Healing Hands only requires a small co-pay and usually supplies the medicine.

“We are very grateful for everything that Healing Hands does.  They have amazing doctors here.  The first thing you notice when you walk in the door is the smiles on their faces.  Everyone is very courteous.  It is a blessing to have access to a clinic like this to get the help we need.

“We would like to thank every member of the staff.  We wanted to reach out to the community to let them know what Healing Hands is, and we want to invite them to be a part of this clinic and experience how they can assist you.

“We know they are a charity clinic, but they treat us with excellence and we couldn’t ask for more.”