Healing Hands Careers

Healing Hands Heros

Healing Hands Ministries has created a legacy of hope. We work in a place where dignity is given back and each patient is treated with respect and genuine quality care.

Ideal candidates will embrace the Healing Hands Ministries mission, aspire to provide stellar customer service, be ethical, honest, and have a servant’s heart. 

Open Positions

-Office Manager Greenville Family Practice- *Bilingual*

-LCSW- *Bilingual*

-Behavioral Health Nurse Manager- *Bilingual*

-Behavioral Health Care Navigator- *Bilingual*

-Women’s Health Center Medical Assistant- *Bilingual*

-Family Practice Medical Assistant: Greenville Family Practice- *Bilingual*

-Nurse Practitioner Physicians Assistant- *Bilingual*

-OB Nurse Practitioner

If you are interested and this describes you, please forward your resume and/or CV to Linda Cooper, via email: lindacooper@hhmtx.org
We Look Forward To Hearing From You!