Healing Hands Ministries Does Not Tolerate Racism

We stand in solidarity with our families, friends, colleagues and neighbors to fight this epidemic of
violence and racial injustice in our communities. We believe that there is no place for racism and discrimination
against people because of the color of their skin or their socioeconomic status.

As we grieve with our communities, we must not forget the mission we were established on.

Because we view all patients as God’s children, Healing Hands Ministries strives to provide
compassionate, accessible, quality care to all of its neighbors.

We do this by offering a seat at the table to all people regardless of their race, gender, and/or
socioeconomic status.

We WELCOME: All are welcomed to a seat at the table to exchange ideas and create thoughtful

We CONNECT: All have access to be connected to our mission and organization.

We NURTURE: All are nurtured by being offered a place to work and seek care that values diversity.
HHM works to develop positive attitudes towards cultural differences by gaining knowledge regarding
different cultures to more effectively impact those we serve.

We are FAITHFUL: God has blessed us in an exponential way in the past 13 years. By being obedient to
His calling and His word we serve by being His hands and feet with service to all. This is clearly defined
in Matthew 28: 34-40.

As community leaders and agents of change, Healing Hands Ministries stands ready to be an integral part of
the solution to help heal and support our communities, friends, and neighbors.