Healing Hands Ministries


Healing Hands Ministries takes pride in being able to provide educational information regarding chronic disease management, dental care, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Healing Hands Ministries welcomes the opportunity to partner with our patients to assist them in their medical and dental care journey.

Spanish Educational Links

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – Informacion para la Familia
FamilyDoctor.org – Condiciones de la A la Z
What is Diabetes – Qué es la diabetes

English Educational Links


Diabetes Education: English & Spanish

Learning about Diabetes in English and Spanish
What Is Diabetes? English or Spanish
Diabetes: Know the Signs English or Spanish
Type 1 Diabetes English or Spanish
Type 2 Diabetes English or Spanish
Diabetes Risk (Adults, U.S.) English or Spanish
Diabetes Risk (Children) English or Spanish
Diabetes Risk (Teens) English or Spanish

High Blood Pressure