Healing Hands Ministries

Cathy Winfrey-Hull


The old saying is, “Curiosity killed the cat,” but in Healing Hands patient Cathy Winfrey-Hull’s case, curiosity saved her life.

“[Healing Hands] used to be on Skillman, and at the time I was living across the street,” Winfrey-Hull said. “I would drive by the sign all the time so one day I just walked in and asked them what it is that they do.”

When Winfrey-Hull discovered the clinic offered affordable medical and dental care for the uninsured, she knew she had found her medical home.

“I come here for everything now,” Winfrey-Hull said. “I have Crohn’s Disease and, at the time, I had some serious dental issues. I believe I was led to Healing Hands. It was all through God’s hands.  I don’t believe in coincidence.”

After enrolling, Winfrey-Hull started a schedule of regular, routine visits to the doctor – something she had never had the opportunity to do before.

“Healing Hands keeps me on track. They help me with my medication, with my prescriptions, because they are so expensive,” Winfrey-Hull said. “It adds up very quickly especially when you are working everyday to keep a roof over your head.  You have very little room for extra amenities, so this is such a blessing.”

Through a routine annual mammogram, Winfrey-Hull discovered she had breast cancer.

“I found out I had breast cancer only a few weeks after my sister died from lung cancer.  The first thing I thought when I found out was, ‘I can’t do this to my mother again,’” Winfrey-Hull said. “I knew I would survive it though, because I had Healing Hands.”

Through her relationship with Healing Hands, Winfrey-Hull was able to be placed with a hospital that was familiar with her medical history.  Healing Hands also submitted the paperwork that allowed Winfrey-Hull to receive a special kind of insurance for those fighting cancer.

“It all started here. They never let me feel like I was in this by myself,” Winfrey-Hull said.  “I always tell them thank you.  I couldn’t say it enough and I also want to say it for those who take them for granted.  They don’t get told enough.”

Winfrey-Hull is receiving regular treatment for her breast cancer and is starting to feel at peace with her situation.

“I have about 12 more series of chemotherapy that I will do weekly before the Lord tells me what I need to do with the breasts,” Winfrey-Hull said.  “This clinic has been so good to me.  They have made this transition easy.  They have basically saved my life.  I don’t know what else to say besides that this place has saved my life.”