Healing Hands Ministries

Adolfo Cortopassi


“I was born in Africa.  I have lived on four continents.  Honestly, my favorite place I have lived is America.  I feel at home here in the U.S. English is my fourth language.  I also speak French, Italian and Amharic.  Despite the language barrier that presents itself, I have always felt most comfortable at Healing Hands.

“I was living in the United Arab Emirates, but I have two kids living here with my previous wife.  She passed away unexpectedly, so I came back here after five years abroad because she went just like that.  So for a while I didn’t have any insurance, maybe a year or two.  Private clinics and doctors are expensive.  Then a family member told me about Healing Hands, and ever since then I have been here.  I am really blessed.  Even from the first moment I came here, the approach, the people, it’s so amazing.  I feel so comfortable here. You can feel it starting at the front desk; Sonia and Germaine are incredible. When I come here, I feel like I am home, as if I have known all of them for a long time.

“It is fantastic: the staff, the volunteers, the doctors, they way they touch you. You can feel that there is something different.  It’s not only a clinic or a medical center, and I believe it has to do with their connection to faith.  It is very comforting.  PA Victoria is amazing.  When you talk to her, it is almost like you are transmitting your pain to her because she is so attentive.  I know she is always trying her best.  That is not usually something you find in the world anymore, and especially at medical centers.  In other clinics, everyone is more focused on the business and the money.  But when someone touches your hand with love, it transmits something different.

“I need routine check ups because of my diabetes, and it gets expensive. Physically, I feel good, I am improving. I have my ups and downs obviously, but I am very pleased. I also go to the dentist here too, not just the doctor.  I am amazed at how full the waiting room can be.  I always think about how many people come to this place and how many people this clinic touches and helps.

“I am really grateful to everyone at Healing Hands.  Everyone really reflects the vision of this institution.  It is really a pleasure coming here and seeing the people who work here.  It feels good, and it is a major part of your healing.  The staff creates this fantastic theme here, it is a family.  They greet you.  They call you by name.  You feel this from the beginning and that feeling doesn’t fade away.”